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Birthdate:Jul 24
Location:Illinois, United States of America
I am the [profile] toyboatband Roadie (See I am [personal profile] gundo's roadie. ;-) I am [profile] gabrielg's (the Bundle) Mama. I am learning to fly (metaphorically speaking)! You can find me here often, on IM often, on Plurk religiously... it's a microblogging site, which probably accounts for the slowdown in my LJ posting of late.

Ah, me. I've been around a bit. Formerly of Columbia, Missouri... formerly of Memphis, Tennessee, formerly of New Jersey (sort of, for a very brief and misguided period) and now of the Wintery Chicagoland. I'm a Reiki Master/Teacher, long-time lurker in the shadows of religion... still trying to find my way. Cat Mama, Beagle Mama, now Little Boy Mama. Living, learning, loving, growing. That's enough about me for now... how about you?

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